News Item: Congratulations to Dr. Maria Pilar Pina Iritia and Dr. Reyes Mallada Viana on becoming full Professors at the University of Zaragoza, Spain!

Dr. Maria P Pina is a professor with tenure in Chemical Engineering and her work focuses mainly on microsystems in chemical engineering; and new detection strategies based on Raman SERS spectroscopy in health, environment, and homeland security. 

Dr. Reyes Mallada is also a professor with tenrure in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Mallada’s work centers around the synthesis of nanostructured materials such as powders and films or membranes, catalysis, and adsorption. Most recently she has been working on the development of SERS sensors for the detection of chemical warfare agents. 
The SERSing project is proud to have both Dr. Maria P Pina and Dr. Reyes Mallada as core members of the team!